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PageLines-Phil.jpgIf you define success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, Network Marketing Success Tips could help you reach that goal if you take action and apply them.

“Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work.

But, ” if you’re not frightened by these things, opportunities are just as they ever were.” David Rockefeller.

Making money is not success,  it is a byproduct of success.

Making money in Network Marketing or affiliate marketing is a byproduct of the success you achieve by taking action and accomplishing the objectives of the business or program you choose. Success is achieved not by just pushing buttons. It is about knowing what buttons to push when to push them and when not to push. It requires skill and knowledge and a sincere interest in helping others succeed. You can learn those skills just like you learned to read and write..

A most quoted truism by Zig Ziglar is, You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

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So, achieving success in Network Marketing or affiliate marketing is a never-ending journey. It is a way of life that is fueled by passion. I was lucky, I found that passion years ago and want to instill it in you.

Let me introduce myself.

The Internet seems a bit impersonal, but lasting relationships can develop online. I want you to know me as a real person, not just a pair of hands typing on a keyboard  on the other side of your computer screen.

I am a full-time networker and affiliate marketer having walked away from the corporate world the last day of 1993 after a career in sales, sales management and corporate management.

Two daughters and five grandchildren are my family in addition to all my business associates.

Sarasota, Florida is my home.

In the early days.

Networking marketing 101 was the method I used to cultivate personal relationships and work with people who wanted more out of life. More money and more freedom were high on the list of desires.

peojple talking

This meant taking to people face to face and on the phone about my company, their products and the company’s compensation plan. These people were my warm market. Some caught the vision, many did not. I continued looking for those that did. This we call “sorting.” We must learn to sort not try to convince.

Once they joined us, I would speak to their warm market about the business. We did this person to person and by three-way phone calls.

We did sit down presentations, three-way and phone conference calls and held meetings or business briefings in homes, hotels or meeting rooms. (We didn’t have the Internet back then.) When a new member joined our organization, the next two meetings were at their home and they invited their friends. This provided a never-ending supply of prospects.

This still works if you will do it.

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Advertising and Direct mail was the next step.

The desire to expand my business outside of my local community and build nationwide led to advertising in national publications and direct mail. These methods connected me with people outside my city. I developed relationships with people who wanted more than they had and helped them use their contacts to build their downlne. It built mine as well.

There is a saying, “every  dud knows a stud.” (A dud is a person without the networking skills to bring people into their business.) By working with their contacts we often found the studs. (The studs are those that know the business and have credibility and influence a large number of people who want more.) They brought their contacts to our organization. This enabled me to build groups of thousands, with the help of the duds and the studs.

Social Networks became a source of prospects and associates.

As mailing costs and advertising rates increased and the lead pool began to shrink, I knew I had to learn to Market online. The Internet was a new source for meeting people. Many of my contacts used the Internet so we expanded our contacts through their email list.

man on computer

I used the social networks such as, facebook, IBOToolbox, , Google + and twitter to connect with people. I built relationships with people that wanted more out of life. More financial freedom…more time freedom.

This still works if you will do it.

I needed a mentor.

I had no mentor that knew how to market online so I was forced to seek information and use trial and error to succeed at it. Countless hours and lots of money were invested in attending webinar’s, watching videos, reading blogs and other forms of “how to” knowledge. I want to save you the investment of time and money . That is why this site is free.

jim-rohn-quotes-if you want to have more

A lot of the information I was given  was wrong. False “profits” or self promoting “gurus” took me down the wrong path often. I  found that many of these guru’s had not built a business. They were selling “pipe dreams” not backed up by successful experience.

I spun my wheels and found too many methods and practices that did not work. But I did not quit. I had the passion. I had the burning desire to succeed. I continued to search until I accomplished my goals. I helped people achieve their definition of success.

I found several mentors, Larry Thompson, “Big Al”, Schreiter, Tom Paredes, were all influential in my growth. Tom Paredes and I still work together helping others find the freedom they desire.

I was ready to change myself because I had a passion to improve the lifestyle of others.I had to achieve success before I could share it with you.

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You can join us and make it easier to find your success.

Network Marketing Success Tips is self-education.

One mentor, Jim Rohn say’s, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

Now I am ready to share my “self education” and experience by mentoring and empowering you to become successful.

Are you ready for success?

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My Goal is to Help You Reach Yours.

Network Marketing Success Tips by Phil Darst

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