“Profits are better than wages.”

“Profits are better than wages,” said my mentor Jim Rohn.

He also said “Wages make you a living profits make you a fortune.”

“Profits are better than wages” is more accurate today than when he said it years ago.  Jim Rohn was a wage earner that learned that he was trading too much time for too few dollars.


Jim became an entrepreneur and discovered legitimate ways to make profits. He made is profits from Network Marketing. It was there that his found his mentor Ed Shoaf. He began to form and teach the philosophy that brought him wealth.The best minds in the media, business, science and technology tell us that the middle economic class is shrinking and the lower class is expanding. We also, see those in the top class are getting richer. Because we have the blessing of free will,we have a choice of which class in which we will live.

  • Which choice will you make?
  • What price will you pay for success?

Trading time for money is not the way to accumulate wealth. No matter what you earn, there is neither security nor freedom in having a job. J.O.B. means Just Over Broke. Today, people change jobs every 3.5 years. The next job does not always bring more money. Often less.

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Because of your free will, options to a job are available.

  • Self-employment can bring profitable rewards but the odds are stacked against starting most businesses. Start up costs can be staggering and then there are the rules and regulations, employees, inventories, real estate, long hours and other hazards that make it risky.
  • Getting a franchise can limit your risk if you have the capital or assets. Even if you have or can borrow the money, it is still a BIG risk.
  • You can invest. Do the numbers and see what a million dollars invested will provide you as a monthly income with today’s low rates of return. How many million dollars do you have to put into storage to let someone else manage for you? Would it be safe?

Don’t miss this Trillion dollar industry.


A Union Pacific Freight Train at Frost Fly-Over, Victorville, California.

There is a roaring freight train that has been gaining momentum since the 1940’s. It is unstoppable. It has driven industries starting with the baby food industry and has continued to drive the real estate boom. It is now speeding down the tracks destined to create another trillion dollar industry. It is the Baby Boomer and Millennial phenomenon.

Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. There are 70 million plus Baby Boomers now and they are growing at the rate of 10,000 every single day. This industry will create more millionaires and billionaires as it charges forward to 2049. Where will your monthly income be in 2049? How much money will you have coming in every single month in 2049? Will your income increase, as needed, between now and 2049?

Add the  Millennial’s This is the largest demographic cohort since the Baby Boomers with over 80 million, and encompasses those born between approximately 1980 and 2000 (which makes them 15-35ish now).  Millennials are technologically connected, ethnically diverse, socially conscious, and are much more segmented as an audience due to the rapid expansion of communication channels such as cable TV, satellite radio, and the Internet.  Millennials are less brand loyal, and due to the speed of the Internet have a much higher demand for instant information and instant gratification.

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The train has left the station but you can still hop on.

  • You can profit by showing baby boomers how to have enough income to enjoy their retirement.
  • You can build your income by showing others how to build theirs and increase their fortune.
  • You can decide, now, to start building your fortune part time while staying at your job full time.
  • If you are retired, is your retirement income growing as fast as your grocery or light bill?

Jim Rohn said he stayed at his job until the part time income from his part time business doubled his income from his job. His job actually helped him further his part time business income. So could yours? You don’t have to leave your job to start earning extra income.

We are going to introduce you to profitable ventures  from which you can choose to earn extra income. And, we are going to teach you how to start and succeed in your own home based business. You can work offline or online. You choose your hours and you employ yourself. You are the boss.

You won’t have to rent or buy an office or a building. You will be able to work your business from home, from the coffee shop, from the beach, while on vacation anywhere in the world.

Enough income provides total FREEDOM.

Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Freedom is a treasure that is purchased with enough money. Imagine how you would feel if you could buy whatever you like, do as you like, whenever you like, travel wherever you like, with whom you like.

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