Network marketing success was a goal achieved by Phil Darst.

Network Marketing success began in the early 1980’s for Phil Darst

Network Marketing success was the result of a good work ethic and developing his natural leadership skills.

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Born in Elkhart, Indiana, his family moved to the Midwestern central Indiana city of Kokomo where he started school.

Although he was known as, “a shy kid,” Phil was a leader in school, on the playground, in sports, scouts, social clubs and civic organizations.

He was ambitious and worked to earn, “his own money.”  His parents had taught him a good work ethic and he worked at various jobs through his school years. He learned to save a percentage of his money. At age sixteen, he dipped into his savings and paid cash for his first car, a 1948 Dodge.

While in school he was an athlete and excelled at most sports. This is where he demonstrated leadership.

Being a gifted and talented artist, he won many awards in local and state competitions while in school even competing with adults. He sold many of his paintings and sculptures to earn money while others his age were mowing lawns and babysitting. This was a foundation of his being an entrepreneur.

After graduating from high school as a member of the National Honor Society, he went on to college and studied art and interior design. His creative nature led him, also, to take creative writing. That is why he enjoys copy writing, blogging and sharing his ideas and thoughts in written form with others around the world.

After school he found work as an interior designer and eventually opened up his own business in that field. This was the first of several successful business endeavors for Phil.  He was good in sales so he closed his business, moved to a larger city to take a job in sales. His ability lead to becoming a top salesman, sales manager, sales trainer, territorial sales manager in corporate management.

Beyond his business life, he is the father of two lovely daughters that blessed him with five grandchildren. His home is in Sarasota, Florida.

Phil wanted freedom from being overworked in the corporate world building someone else’s dream.

He had financial freedom but he wanted time freedom as well.  Freedom has two components: financial freedom and time freedom.

Seeking a way out of his job, he responded to an ad in the newspaper about a part-time business that could pay full-time income.  He made a phone call to the number in the ad and a woman answered and explained that it would be best to meet and speak about a concept that could bring freedom.

When Phil arrived at the meeting place the woman had a man with her. He learned that it was her upline sponsor. She told that her company marketed weight loss products and was looking for independent distributors. She told that her husband had lost 150 pounds, she 60. Phil didn’t need to lose weight but knew there would be many that wanted to lose some pounds and inches so he joined them and their company. They became his first sponsor’s and mentors.

The concept of people unselfishly helping others appealed to him. This was not practiced in the corporate world he wanted to flee. The people in power were afraid to help and teach others because they might rise above them and take their job. He found in Network Marketing a person’s success depends on how many others they can help.

Zig Ziglar famously said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

He also liked the concept of residual income.

There are two types of income, Residual and Linear. Linear income is when you do a job you get paid and when the job ends so does the pay. For example: you could be a mechanic and fix a car and you get paid. If you want to earn more money you have to fix more cars.

You could go to school for many years and become a doctor. When you would deliver a baby you would get paid. If you want more money you would have to deliver more babies.

You could be a salesperson and sell a product or service and you would get paid. However, if you want more money you have to sell again.

Residual income is when you do something right onetime, you get paid for life, month after month, year after year.

Being teachable he listened to his upline and did the right things. He went to meetings and events. Held meetings in his home and his group and income began to grow.

Abruptly, his company came crashing down.

One of the company distributors made an unauthorized claim on a national TV program and the media and the law made it a huge issue. An avalanche of bad publicity came down on the company and 100,000 distributors bolted. All Phil’s group disappeared. That was the end of Network Marketing success for him for a while.

He continued to build someone else’s dream in the corporate world.

Dale Maloney, a legend in the business said, “You can’t fail if you don’t quit.”

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Network Marketing Success is a journey, not a destination.

Personal and leadership development  are a necessity for Network Marketing Success. These skills can be learned over time. Learning from mentors and leaders helps develop these skills.

Building relationships and trust with others are key to  Success in Network Marketing.

A second chance showed up at Phil’s door.

A friend from the past showed up at his door with some innovative products and a story about a fast growing company that could bring residual income and freedom. He invited Phil to a meeting where he could learn more about the company and business and meet other people who were enjoying success in their own business. Phil went to the meeting and joined the company with his friend as his sponsor and mentor.

Another company failure slowed Phil down.

Because the company’s product was a durable one, people did not need more than one. They did not buy and consume product month  after month. There was no recurring sales volume. Phil and the company’s distributors were forced to always be looking for new customers.  Attrition began to eat away at the membership of the company and it went bankrupt. Phil did not see this as the end…just a setback.

He didn’t give up Networking. He decided that finding a company with consumable products that were used daily and weekly and needed to be replaced monthly would assure customer stability and success. He began to research nutritional product companies because of the consumable nature of the products.

Responding to an ad in a national magazine he called an 800 number and left a message requesting more information. A man from Canada returned the call and introduced Phil to a fourteen year old nutritional product company. Phil joined and was eager to get his distributor kit and product.

Here he  was introduced to some new mentors.

Tom, “Big Al” Schreiter and Tom Paredes were nationally recognized network marketing trainers and in his upline.

Tom Paredes was the mentor that taught Phil, Our primary product is FREEDOM. The desire for freedom is universal, in every country, in every culture. The desire for freedom will attract prospects to your business no matter where you go. You won’t have to worry about cultural differences, what a particular area of the country wants, or if a prospect wants what you have.

Everyone wants freedom. And you can offer both financial freedom and time freedom with our network marketing opportunity.

Phil and Tom still work together and teach others this concept.

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Over the years, he had a number of mentors that taught him about the business. He also invested countless hours in attending meetings, events and seminars, listening to training’s on cassettes and CD’s, watching videos and webinar’s and reading books and other published materials about networking.

By using these skills and with the help of others Phil has built teams of thousands and has been a top earner in several companies.

Believing in giving back to others to repay the Universe for the network marketing success he has enjoyed, he willingly shares his knowledge and experience. He offers proven solutions to those that want to become entrepreneurs and be their own boss and enjoy the benefits of a little extra money or an extraordinary income and financial freedom and time freedom.

Freedom is a byproduct of network marketing success.

Financial freedom and time freedom are precious gifts one can enjoy with organized thinking, belief,
faith, and persistence and using the skills he teaches.

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Network Marketing Success was achieved by Phil over a third of a century. Now he wants to share his knowledge and experience with you.

He had found his WHY.

To rise beyond the challenges found in the business we mush know why we are doing the business.


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“You are the most valuable resource” say’s Phil.

In Network Marketing people are the most valuable resource, not products, not pay plans, not companies or management. There are thousands of competing products promising different benefits. There are thousands of pay plans with different payouts. There are thousands of companies with different management skills and philosophies.

People follow people. Developing solid relationships with his leaders many of them remain loyal to him and looked to him to lead them to another company when one failed…and many did. Some went bankrupt. Some merged with another company. Some just closed their doors.

Phil began to learn and use technology.

With the use of a computer and smart phone Phil has expanded his contacts worldwide. He uses WhatsApp and Skype to communicate, not a phone with a land line..He uses his cell and found that many people prefer to text rather than talk. Email is another way to get his message across with videos added to make the message more vivid..

Using these methods, he has attracted associates, worldwide, through social media and blogging. This allowed him to diversify and build teams in more than one country and in several companies.

Having developed multiple streams of income he teaches others to do the same.

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Systems that generate and capture leads, manage contacts, send follow-up emails automatically are some of the tools used by Phil and his team to achieve success  They market these tools to other networker’s and earn commissions. This provides cash flow to use for advertising to expand their business.

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He learned from his mentors the value of self-development.

One of his favorites was Jim Rohn who said, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”
self education

Phil says, “I am really like a parrot.” I didn’t invent anything. I listened and learned from successful people and duplicated what they did. Now I parrot what I leaned.” This is duplication.

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Having achieved success, he wants to pay it back by sharing his experience and teaching and helping others achieve their visions and dreams. “This is one of his greatest pleasures. ”

It is such a joy to watch people become successful in their professional and personal lives through the unifying strength of network marketing.” he say’s.

You can contact Phil at this site, by leaving a message or email him directly at and discuss your future.

Phil would like to help you create positive cash flow while building residual income.

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