Sponsoring is easier when you avoid these reasons people have a hard time sponsoring

Sponsoring is easier when you avoid these three primary reasons people fail. By Tom Paredes Having been in this industry for  40 years, people often ask, “Tom, why do I have a hard time sponsoring people?” Well, after much thought…
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Energy drinks and how to avoid their dangerous harmful effects

Energy drink consumption continues to grow worldwide and within the United States, it is important to critically examine the nutritional content and effects on population health of these beverages This mini-review summarizes the current scientific evidence on health consequences from…
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Skin Care Market in US. to Reach Nearly $11 Billion in 2018

Skin Care System named enummi is the only complete skin care line that includes 4Life Transfer Factor™. 4Life Transfer Factor is  a scientifically developed, patented ingredient added to enummi skin care that will give your skin and body the protection you need. Click…
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