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One of mentor that guided Phil to success was  Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn had a coach or mentor, Earl Shoaff, Tiger Woods had a coach, Michael Jordan had a coach, Picasso had a teacher. Do you?

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Why Profits are Better Than Wages?


The philosopher, Jim Rohn said, “Profits are better than wages.” It is more accurate today than when he said it years ago. He, also, said “Wages make you a living. Profits make you a fortune.”  Jim Rohn was a wage earner that learned that he was trading too much time for too few dollars. He became an entrepreneur and discovered how to profit in MLM.

And he, also, said, “don’t wish it were easier, wish  our were better.” We created this site to help you make yourself better.

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Trading time for money is not the way to accumulate wealth. No matter what you earn, there is neither freedom or security in having a job. J.O.B. means Just Over Broke. Today, people change jobs every 3.5 years. The next job does not always bring more money and time freedom.

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Enough income provides total financial FREEDOM.

Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Freedom is a treasure that is gained with enough money. Imagine how you would feel if you could buy whatever you like, do as you like, whenever you like, travel wherever you like, with whom you like.

That is financial freedom and time freedom.

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There are many Profitable Business Ventures for You to create Multiple Streams of Income.

Multiple streams of income increase your profits. Back in the days of the gold rush people and companies made fortunes selling supplies to the miners. They sold pans, shovels and picks, food and drink. Levi got famous selling jeans. Today, you can earn extra money or profit offering business building tools to others in that want to make money online. Take a look at the extra income sources below and join me in profit.

When you market and use the right tools and lead sources, you can attract more prospects to your business and have more people convert and join you to leverage your income.

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