How to convert prospects into partners with four easy steps.

Convert prospects into partners with four easy steps.

Prospecting has changed over the years with the use of the Internet.

However the process of taking suspects to prospects to convert prospects into partners in your business uses the same four steps that it did before the Internet.

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Let’s review the process.

Sometimes the business is referred to as a program.  We will use the  word business.

Our business may be a product or service.

A suspect is a person that has not been qualified as a prospect.

Your job is to convert prospects into partners.

What is a prospect?

  • Someone whose attention we can have?
  • A person with an interest in our business, product or service benefit.
  • Someone that can afford our business or program.

The four step process.

Once they are a qualified prospect we want to take them through these four steps.

  1. Approach and book the appointment.
  2. Direct them to information, the presentation.
  3. Follow-up.
  4. Ask them to join.

1. The approach.

The first objective is to see if our prospect has an interest in the benefits our business offers. Can we hit their hot button?

We can approach the person to person eye to eye.

We can approach over the telephone.

We can approach by text.

We can approach over the Internet.

Start the approach with a question.

Open with the benefit your product or service will bring.

  • If it is a travel program “Where would you like to travel?”
  • If it is health or wellness product, “Are you interested in optimizing your health?”
  • If it is a phone program, “Would you like to save money on your phone bill?”
  • If it is about making extra income, “Are you open to looking at something that could improve your life style?”

Your question should cause curiosity and they may ask, “What is it?

When you give a gift, you wrap it right? You don’t wrap it in see through cellophane so they can see what is inside. You hand them a gift and let their curiosity force them to unwrap it.

Your answer to what is it can be, “It takes some time to see the steps involved and we don’t have time for that now” Set the time and place for the appointment.

2. Direct them to information.

The information is your presentation.

  • The presentation may be a sizzle call.
  • The presentation can be made at a meeting at home or in a hotel or elsewhere.
  • The presentation can be a sit down in a coffee shop or table in the park or elsewhere.
  • The presentation can be on a conference call.
  • The presentation can be a three way call with your upline.
  • The presentation can be a web site with a capture page.

3. Follow up.

 Once the presentation is made we must follow up.

 The follow up is to get feedback and answer questions. Your prospect may make it easy by asking questions without being prompted. You or your upline can answer the questions.

The upline’s involvement is to help you learn and maintain confidence. The other reason for the upline’s assistance is to assure the prospect he/she will have help making the presentation and answering questions if they join you.

One of the first thoughts the prospect has is, I can’t make this presentation or answer these questions so I can’t do this. Your upline’s involvement assures they will have help to do it.

After the presentation it is time to ask your prospect, “How do you feel about what you saw and heard?” You want your prospect to operate from the feeling side not the thinking side of the mind.

There is no script for this phase. Many thoughts are going through your prospects mind. You hope there is a feeling of excitement about what you presented.

After the questions are answered there may be silence. When this occurs you can say, “other than that what else would you like to know? This may bring up another question or if not you are ready for the fourth step.

4. Ask them to join.

 This is where many prospects can be lost. If we wait for them to join, it may not happen.

Go back to the hot button that got them curious, “You have seen what opportunity there is for you to travel, optimize your health, save money on your phone bill, improve your lifestyle, right.  Let’s to get you started?

Don’t leave them hanging. Go through the process with them.

Your company or program will have a way to “sign up” a new member or partner.

Paper applications are still used so have one ready and help the prospect fill it out or if they allow, fill it out for them as you ask for the information. Then you mail, fax, or scan and email it for them.

If by phone, three way them into the company, introduce them to customer service and stay there until they are enrolled.

If it is by Internet, give them the company link, let them pull it up and go through the process of filling out the form.

Now you are trained.

I remember, to this day, joining a woman in her business. When the application was filled out and signed she said, “Now you are trained to bring someone into our business. Who is the first person you will approach so I can help you get your business started?”

So often people are “signed-up” and forgotten. The person that signed them up goes on looking for the next one. The person you just brought in should be excited to get his/her business going. They will have enough prospects to get their business started which means their people are in your business too. Most of my downline’s of thousands of people were built from other people’s people. Follow this process and watch your business grow.

That is the four steps to follow for success and convert prospects into partners

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How to convert prospects into partners with four easy steps. by Phil Darst

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