Network Marketing Tools to help you earn

You can use these Network Marketing tools to earn money and create multiple streams of income online and offline.

When you have the right tools you can create Multiple streams of income. You can take your style of living to the next level.


You can create multiple streams of income online and offline in the pan and shovel businesses.

Network Marketing Tools are the pans, shovels and picks.

pan and shovel

Back in the days of gold mining, fortunes were made selling tools, food and clothing to the miners wanting to strike it rich. This was known as “the pan and shovel business.”

In Network Marketing, people need tools to promote their businesses. The “pan and shovel” business is highly profitable. Using these tools you can promote your business, including your pan and shovel tools to others. You can also use them to promote your primary businesses like I do and create multiple streams of income.

To create multiple streams of income online, you need leads, training and business building tools to use for online marketing.

  • Leads are keys to success and we can give you leads that convert to partners and money.
  • We teach you how to build YOUR existing business online
  • Plus, we provide you with All the Tools you need to Succeed.

Here are some  of the network marketing tools you will receive.

  • Capture Page Creator
  • (unlimited)Custom Auto-Responder
  • Text Message Broadcaster *
  • Voice Message Broadcaster *
  • Lead Auto-Dialer *
  • Blog Creator
  • Mobile Website Creator
  • Invoice Generator
  • Tiny URL Creator
  • URL Rotator
  • QR Code Generator
  • Custom Marketing Videos

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You’ve got Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose!

Leads are the fuel that drives your business engine.



You need unlimited MLM LEADS for your business?

You need leads that convert to paying partners.

You can get Unlimited leads for life.

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There is a source where you can get 100 leads for a one time investment of $15.

You can:

  • Email them
  • Text them
  • Phone them

You can use them and get 100 more leads at NO EXTRA COST.

Use them 100 and get 100 more UNLIMITED…LEADS FOR LIFE
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Learn for FREE from Network Marketing Success Tips

Learn the skills you need to build your multiple streams of income.

Blogs on this site offer tips about Online marketing, Affiliate marketing, Network Marketing and give helpful self-development and business information. It is updated frequently so keep coming back.

These tips also teach about self-development and business practices that can help you achieve success.

How You Can Easily Grow Your Team Without Facing Rejection Or Resistance!

 Welcome to “Rejection Free Home Business Prospecting!”

Are you sick and tired of hearing the word ‘No’ in your home business or your network marketing business?

Are YOU one of the millions of networkers who struggle with rejection? If you can turn that ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’, can you imagine how wonderful that will be?

But of course I’m stating the obvious… the most important thing you would like to know is how can that be done?

That is the reason why this book is written.

The home business or network marketing industry has drastically changed since the 70s or the 80s. You can’t expect to use old, obsolete prospecting methods. Get the latest most up to date secrets of rejection free networking and start making money today.

We will add a BONUS training of how to build a worldwide business in an $82 billion industry, with roughly 28 percent of that in the U.S., where sales increased by approximately $6 billion between 2007 and 2012. Growth is expected to remain strong through 2017 and beyond

Here is what you will learn in the e-book.

  • Introduction
  • What Does Rejection In An MLM Business Actually Amount To?
  • MLM Is A Pure Numbers Game
  • Traffic Building On Websites – The Way To Come Out Of MLM Rejection
  • Online Marketing Methods To Help You Overcome Rejection
  • Why Branding In Network Marketing Is Very Important
  • Separating Rejection Of Business Proposal From Personal Rejection
  • Looking Beyond Rejection In MLM – It’s The Bigger Picture That Counts
  • How To Overcome MLM Rejection – Look Into What You Have!
  • MLM Rejection – Understanding The Reasons Behind It
  • Overcoming MLM Rejection By Giving Them What They Want
  • How You Can Overcome Rejection In Cold Calling For MLM Prospects
  • Overcoming MLM Rejection – Get Them To Come To You!
  • What Should Your MLM Rejection Make You Look At
  • MLM Prospecting Is A Weeding Out Process!
  • MLM Rejection – What Your Sponsor Will Tell You About It

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Social networks are a great prospecting resource.

People are your most valuable asset and good people can be  found on several social networks. Join some social networks and establish yourself as a person that is someone to follow. This is attraction marketing.

You will find when you join that people with chase you, put their “link” in front of you and ask you to join them. Too often this is  done before establishing a relationship. You can say not now rather than no. Wish them well and keep in touch.

You will find that most of the people who contact you are new to their business or program and not making any money. In 60 to 90 days they will be looking for a business and if your develop a relationship and keep your business in front of them, you may be the person they join.

First read their profile and learn about them and their company. Ask them some questions about themselves. Ask them about their company. Ask them how or where they get their leads. Did they build their website or are they using their company website or capture page? How do they advertise and where?

Be willing to share your sources and resources with them.There are Billions of people out there and you won’t get them all to join your but some will.

It pays to advertise but you don’t have to pay to advertise.

Advertising Concept. The Word of Red Color Located over Text of White Color.


Below are links to sites where you can advertise for FREE.

If you will put in a little time you can place an ad for your business for FREE. Most of these sites allow you a minimum of exposures or clicks on your ad for FREE. Then with some you can upgrade, pay a little and get a lot more exposure.

You can earn credits or money by sharing these. ad sites.

Each source below will give you a personalized link so you will get credit for sharing the source with others.

As you begin to sponsor others, share your links and help them build their business and reap your reward for sharing.

I suggest you test the ad and site first and if it brings you opt-ins or sales, invest in multiplying your results.

This is called scaling up or plowing profits back into your business.

Safelist’s are the new mega circulation sites to give your offer maximum exposure and opt ins.

What is a Safelist?
A Safelist is a mailing list where all members can
email to each other. These emails cannot be
considered as spam because every member has opted
in and confirmed their email address. A Safelist
can be used to advertise websites, business
opportunities and, etc.

Click here to Read article to get the full  details.
And read How to Crush your competition with safelists.

Before I name some I want you to know that I am
giving you sources I have continued to use after
testing many. So, the ones you see below are not
all that are available. Just the best I have found
after lots of testing.

Here is an example of testing.
By using the tracker I mentioned before, I found
that I got 68.5 hits per day on one list. There
were various results plummeting down to .05 per
day. That is not one I would share.

Not only will you get great response from your ads you 
 run on these Safelists, they are money makers too.
They pay high commissions for refering others so you can
ad to your multiple streams of incomes.

Below are the very best I have found.

Here is a FREE Viral Advertising system to use for mega traffic.

Build Your List And Grab More Free Traffic!

Want more Traffic to your Ads?

This Free ‘Viral Advertising System’ gives you traffic, exposure + useful marketing tools to help you become successful online!

…in the next 10 minutes you can be completely setup and ready to get your ads seen with our 100% FREE Advertising System.

Your Member Benefits Include:

FREE lifetime access to our unique advertising system
Ability to earn ad credits & win daily prizes for browsing ads
Ability to create a personalized profile box with favorite links
Ability to buy advertising with ad credits, cash or bitcoin
Ability to upgrade your account for more benefits & features
FREE bonus advertising.. just for joining Promo Code: welcome
Plus many more features waiting for you on the inside..

Join Our Free ‘Viral System’ That Will Not
Only Help “Build Your List” But Provide You With
“All The Quality Advertising You Need”
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These are not safelists but other soures of advertising online.

They ar NOT free but very low-cost ad sources, like $5.00 and up.

fiverr link
Udimi link
Rebrandable Traffic link
10Dollar Solo Ads

Use the Social sites for pay not play.

Then tell the world what you found.

This works especially well if you use tools like The Conversion Pros.

There are millions contacts, worldwide,  waiting to hear what you have on these social sites below.

Build relationships with these people and lead them to follow you to success.

facebook link
IBOToolbox link
Twitter link

You can learn to promote to people on these social networks with easy to follow training videos available on The Conversion Pros.

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Thank you for visiting my site.

It is a work in progress and I will add new tips and resources frequently that will be helpful to create multiple streams of income online and offline for you.

I wish you the best of success.

Feel free to leave a question or comment, below.

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