How to crush your online competition with safelists

Safelist advertising can be the answer to cash flow.  Cash flow keeps you in the business until you are making obscene money online

Ask yourself this question, how long have you been struggling to make money online?

How has it been working out so far?

We have a solution for you if you will commit to the discipline to follow The Plan.

The Plan is a blueprint for success to making money online.

Safelists are online communities composed of people who joined them for the specific purpose of advertising and viewing the advertising of others.

You can advertise to all other members of each specific Safelist without worry about the spam police.  Simple Safelist allows you to promote multiple lists with one click. You can get paid up to 100% commissions by promoting your affiliate Simple Safelist link.

Welcome to the simplest way to make real money online!

You ll find that by following our 12 steps one after the other:

  •     You will cut your safelist spending.
  •     You will explode your current offer.
  •     You will generate advertising revenue to succeed at anything online.
  •     You will establish a stable residual income!

Pay attention. This could end your money worries.

Simple Safelist could end money worries

This Safelist allows you to advertise up to four businesses each day. It is very generous in the amount of credits you can receive for clicking on and viewing sites. I was amazed when I found one for 5,000 credits several for 1,000 and others from 750 to as low as 40. Hit the high credit ones first and you will be able to advertise to more subscribers.

I surfed for less than twenty minutes and got enough credits to send ads to 5069 members four times. I could promote one business four times or four businesses once time each.

Another reason I like Simple Safelist is because it has analytics of the ads you have run how many people they were sent to and the number of clicks they received.  Following these closely will tell you which subject line and which ads are receiving the most hits. Since safelist marketing is a numbers game the more hits per 1,000 views the better you will have of finding a sign-up.

The Plan has your blueprint for success laid out in 12 steps.

One more advantage to Simple Safelist is that there are 12 steps laid out for you in The Plan which is a blueprint for success. If you are new to surfing, you will get some good counsel from a seasoned safelist veteran. Just invest the time to read and follow the guidelines given.

 “The Plan” is a short page of instructions that makes it very simple to understand and do. The plan spells it all out for you. It is a blueprint for your online money-making success.

If you choose to use “The Plan,” you’ll have two options. Your first option is to simply promote Simple Safelist and tell people about “The Plan.”

This is an awesome method for making money! The website is there, the instructions are there. Everyone who joins under you will be able to promote the same website.

Your other option is a bit more complicated. I suggest you start with option one, so you can get started immediately. Option 2 is that you will need to add some tools. I mentioned above.

Tools are another good product to promote because they can be used to improve the acquisition of new sign-ups for a marketer. You will use the tools yourself to help promote your business and it is an additional profit center for you to promote.

Don’t worry about being left out with no help.

They also have a facebook and Skype group of people from throughout the world to answer your questions and guide you as you learn.

If you join me in this venture I will help you and walk you through the site on Skype to get you started right. I did this with a new member today and in less than 30 minutes he was up and running.

The Referral Builder.

Perhaps the best reason to join Simple Safelist is that they have a menu or list of other proven safelists all chosen and recommended by team members that are making money with safelists. This is called a Referral Builder.

This team of experienced surfers and advertisers is testing Safelists and reporting their results so we know which ones are the best producing Safelists. It is like laying a bet down on winners before the race to riches has started.

The Referral Builder on Simple Safelist allows you to promote multiple lists with one click. You can get paid up to 100% commissions by promoting your affiliate Simple Safelist link. This can mean earning multiple streams of income.

A page of banners appears with a colorful ad for each safelist with your ID link imbedded. If they join it…they join you.

When people join they will be attached to you for as long as you are active so the effort they put in will reward you if you become a paid member. So your objective is to join for free and upgrade as a paid member, as soon as possible.  I did it the first day.

Don’t worry. It’s free, and will only take a few seconds.

You can join all the safelists all for free. Get signed in. Put in the same user name and password for each. You will be given a link that you can paste into a box below a banner for the safelist or promote it outside of the platform separately.

Then as profit comes in from Simple Safelist and others, you can reinvest part of your profit into memberships of other safelists down the line. This is known as plowing it back. Like the farmer takes a little seed from his crop and plows it into the ground next season expecting a bigger better harvest than the year before.

 This process is called scaling?

Scaling is how you invest a little money into advertising and make a profit. Then you take the investment money plus part or all of the profit and invest more into advertising and earn more profit. Do this again and again and, in time, you could be wealthy.

When someone moves from a free to paid member it is called an upgrade. This is why you want to keep in touch with your opt -in’s. If you can locate them on Skype or facebook, connect with them and communicate with them.

Many safelists also provide downline communication with your associates or downline members. Building a relationship is essential in this business. People buy from and join people they know and trust.

When people upgrade, you will receive monthly commissions each time they pay. If they continue to advertise and receive good results from their ads they will renew each month. Any encouragement or help you can give them is to your benefit.

Zig Ziglar is often quoted for saying, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.

Just one commission of $10 per month will add up to $120 a year. Twelve members is $1,440 a year. What are you doing now, other than your job that is earning you $1,440 a year? Is this realistic? It is only one member a month for a year. In five years, at this pace, you could earn $17,280 a year. That is part-time.

How much do you think you could earn if you turned off the TV and worked it like a business? TV is entertainment but also a waste of time. Actors are getting paid very well to perform for you. What do you get out of it? Maybe a momentary laugh or sadness that lingers for a short while.

Safelist earnings can accumulate and grow exponentially and last your lifetime if you treat it like a business. This income is residual income.

Click here to read my article on residual income.

Now you know enough about Simple Safelist to get started and get ahead of those that don’t know about it yet. Get in an invite your downline and friends.

Click here to learn How to Make Obscene Money With Safelists.

Get started today!

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