Financial FREEDOM and time FREEDOM can be yours with the 50 Team

You can enjoy financial freedom and time freedom as a member of our 50 Team.

Yes, if you desire financial freedom and time freedom you can have it as a member of our 50 team.

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YOUR road to FREEDOM starts here.

We are putting together a team called The 50 Team.
This team will be a special team that will be coached by
my good friend Tom Paredes and me.

Our goal is to help others enjoy FREEDOM as we do.

Tom Paredes is my partner and founder of the 50 Team.

Tom has a different way of building that makes a lot of sense.

He doesn’t focus on things like products, comp plan, company
you know the things most distributors talk about.
He focuses on Freedom. The reason is everyone who
joins is looking for freedom and freedom has two
components Time and Money. .

Below is a short bio of Tom.

Tom Paredes has been featured in Zig Ziglar’s book
Network Marketing For Dummies” and was co owner
of one of the Network Marketing industries FIRST

Tom brings Over 39 years of experience
and an impeccable reputation in the industry. He
was the number 4 income earner in Nutrition for
Life International (NFLI). He is also a noted
speaker and author and has consulted with
multi-million dollar Network Marketing companies.

Tom enjoys Financial FREEDOM and time FREEDOM and wants to share it with you.

Tom has a “knack” for building in Latin American
countries where many others have failed. Tom took
a team of (6) people to Bogota Colombia and built
a 42,000 person downline in one year. Tom also
built a downline in Puerto Rico of over 15,000 in
a short period of time.

Tom has a wealth of information to share and is a real people person.
He has spent over 39 years in the “trenches” and
knows how to take people from minus zero to positive 100.

If you’ve read “Network Marketing
for Dummies” you’ll know about Tom Paredes.

If you’ve followed the stories of impeccable
reputations, you’ll know about Tom Paredes.

If you’ve heard Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter praise his
mentors, you’ll have heard of Tom Paredes.

Below I’ve linked two articles written by Tom.

Click here to Read the article “How Kevin wasted 20 years of effort

Click here to read  Discovering the core value of FREEDOM.

If you qualify to be a member of the 50 Team, you will learn how to Separate Yourself from the rest.

Click here to read how to separate yourself from the rest.

To travel the road to FREEDOM, you need a vehicle that is built to perform on the bumpy road to success. One that has endured time and provided a smooth and safe ride over the years.

We  found a solid company that has been helping people realize their dreams since 1998.

Click here to see what vehicle Tom and I are driving to enjoy our FREEDOM.

If you want more information about our project, leave a comment below or send an email or

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