How to get your important prospecting email message read for sure

Prospecting email made easy. 

Here is how to get your prospecting email read for sure.

Your first objective in you prospecting email is to compel prospects to open your email
The next objective is to have the body of your email opened and the reader to TAKE ACTION.

There are several ACTION steps you may want them to take.

You may be wanting them to fill in a capture page so you can capture and retain their email address.
Then you may want them to view a video or web site so they can see your presentation.
Your web site is your presentation.
Getting your presentation viewed by a prospect is easy if you take the right steps.
In our fast paced world of using the Internet, how many messages do you receive daily?
  • How many do you read?
  • What does it take to get your attention?
If you are like most of us your answers probably were: too many, not many, a headline that grabbed my attention.
*And there is one sure fire last step I will reveal later.
One of the changes we notice in email prospecting is that bulk or bcc emails are not being delivered as they once were. There was a time you could send 400 messages a day with one well known carrier. The last time I sent 100 I got a message that accused me of spam. Most of my bcc’s were not delivered.
Prospecting Email is often sorted or (filtered) by the email provider and, dropped into the spam box or not delivered at all.

Personalize your prospecting email.

For the reason above it is worth the time to send your prospecting email individually. Personalizing or adding the prospects name at the beginning of the subject line will increase your chances of getting your message read.
You may say it takes too much time but if you put a value on each prospect as an individual instead of part of a group, you will soon see that it is worth your time.
Think of the days you used direct mail to prospect as I did. How long did it take to address a post card or envelope and put on the stamp? That is about the same amount of time it takes to personalize and send an email.
Stuffing an envelope adds extra time. I was able to prepare one hundred post cards in a little over an hour and it took an extra fifteen minutes to stuff stamp and seal an envelope. How long will it take you to personalize, copy and paste 100 emails? About as long as to mail an offer.

The Headline is the subject box.

Your headline is second most important text in your subject box, next to your prospect’s name. It must be an attention grabber.
You can Google “good headline” and learn a lot. I am going to share a few steps I take.
I use analyzers to check out the ranking of my headlines.

Here is one headline analyzer I use>  Click here

Here is another > Click here

After I come up with my “draft” headline I analyze it. Then I check the rating for emotional and power words. I use the sites below to suggest words. I choose and add words and check the ratings to see how high I can get a rating. The best I have done is 80 and A+. The one here, ” How to get your Prospecting email read,”  was a 72. Maybe that is why you read it.
Emotional words>Click here
Power Words.  Click here   (Be sure to read to the end. Many readers added additional words that get attention.”)
I started the headline as “How to get your email prospecting message read” and got a rating of 71 in one analyzer.
I added the one word, important “ How to get your important prospecting email message read.” And the rating was 74.
I tried several words at the end and for sure “How to get your important prospecting email message read for sure”  kept it at 74, but is was  rated as a bit wordy so I left the for sure off.
Experiment with my headline and see if you can make it better. Then try a few of your own.
Once you have a headline prepare the message, add the link and you are nearly ready to show your business.

Your message is to get your website visited.

Your subject is the headline and must compel them to read your message.
Your message is to get them to your presentation.
Your web site does the presentation for you.
A message short and to the point will get read more often than a long message. Remember that many of your emails are read on smart phones.
Example: (Their name) Here is something I ran across that I thought might be of value. (Link)
Note; Even though it is not a headline, I ran it through the analyzer and got a rating of 66. Adding the name in front dropped it to 61 and was rated a bit long.  However, I believe the name adds interest to the reader that the analyzer does not take into consideration.


Cloak or change the link.

Don’t leave the link raw but cloak it. If you have not done this before look at the icons on the email sending choices and you should see a link. Usually you add the link, then highlight it, then click the icon that looks like a chain link. It is fifth from the right in the top row above.  click here

Disguise your link.

You can also disguise the link so your prospect will not know what it is without clicking. This is a tiny URL  converter.Here is a site I use for that and other tools===>> Click here to find it and other helpful tools.

You are almost ready to send.

Earlier I said, *“And there is one sure fire last step I will reveal later.”

Text an alert.

Here it is. Text to your prospect that you sent them an email.
You won’t have a text number for every prospecting email you send. However for those you do, you will increase your open rate immensely if you text after you email.
This is short and rated a 70. “Their name) “I just sent you an important email of value.”
74% of texts are opened. That is why this is a vital step.

There you have it.

Try this for your next offer or repeat it for your last. A lot of your last messages dropped in the spam box if you sent bulk or bcc emails.
I hope this help you in your business.

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My Goal is to Help You Reach Yours.

How to get your important email read for sure by Phil Darst

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