Network marketing success can be achieved with these 11 steps

Network marketing success can be achieved with these eleven steps.

These steps are easy to do and easy not to do.

Make them objectives to your goal of success and you can achieve Network Marketing


You can apply these principles to affiliate marketing as well as MLM.

Network Marketing Success1. Personal growth

Learn by reading. by listening to CD’s, by watching videos and YouTube,

by attending events and seminars.

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2. Network Marketing success skills you need to master.

Prospecting, inviting to meetings and your web site.

Presenting, follow-up, closing, promoting events.

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3. Product or Service

Be a passionate ambassador for your products and business.

Use products publicly to demonstrate your belief in them.

Train others to use the product or service.

 4. Time Management

Activity management, treat it like a job, employ yourself, set hours, (schedule), 15 minute tasks.

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5. Consistent method of operation.

Daily plan, personal development, spiritual, uses product, share product, share opportunity promote events, weekly plan, monthly quarterly annually five year, ten year plans.

6. Duplication, “Success starts with duplication”

You must have a system that can duplicate six or more levels down from you.

Simplify tools system fight complexity.

7. Plan for events.

Meetings make money, annual convention, quarterly, regional’s, local, home, online, be personal interaction change people’s perspectives.

8. Communication strategy.

Communicate with your group without interfering with sponsor relationships.

Email, social media, phone, text, webinar, video, YouTube

9. Mapping the year.

Plan monthly quarterly, semiannual and annual events for:

Recruiting, customers, contests

10. Campaigns to incentivize these areas

Product, recruiting, home meetings, get one get three, etc. join 10, convention

11. Success loves speed

Blitz, a day, a week, a month 90 days.

I do not take credit for the above. These are from one of my mentors,

Eric Worre. They worked when I first followed him over twenty years ago

and they work today. *I recently attended one of his training’s for ten steps

to success and he gave us number eleven as a bonus.

     *The above is from my notes.

Put these steps into action and teach them to your top leaders and watch your business EXPLODE.

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My Goal is to Help You Reach Yours.

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