How to be like polar bear cub and build your business?

When female Polar Bear is ready to give birth she buries into the snow, makes a nest and soon has her cubs.

For four months the cubs stay with her under the snow in their comfort zone. Then she digs her way out and the little fellows follow and leave their comfort zone and experience for the first time the bright world of light and excitement and danger.

Although there is danger, the mother protects them…for a while. Eventually they must venture farther out of their comfort zone and experience life’s failures and successes on their own..

In Network Marketing, we start in a comfort zone too. Many don’t venture far out of their comfort zone by talking to enough people and inviting them to join their business. Fear of rejection or not knowing enough about the business, the company, the products and the compensation plan holds them back. Those people usually fail. They try it on their own, they get a few no’s and dive back into their comfort zone. Many quit. It is said, “you cannot fail in this business unless you quit.”

There is a way to ease out of your comfort zone with the help of an associate. This can be your sponsor or an upline associate. It can be done with the three way phone call.

The three way call can lift you out of your comfort zone.

Tell your prospect that you have an associate that has been in the business for a while and can answer questions you may not be able to answer. Then get permission to introduce your prospect to your associate by phone.

Like the insulation the snow provides the cubs, you are insulated from rejection because the third party does not experience rejection. If there is a no it is no to the product or the business or the associate…not to you. You are merely the introducer. Your three way associate is the messenger.

Another reason to do this is that people usually do the business like they enter the business. Your prospect gets the message that once they join you they will not be alone and will have someone, maybe you or upline associate, to ease them out of their comfort zone.

There are those that leave their comfort zone and build profitable businesses. They don’t have mother bear to look out for them but they have a sponsor and upline associate to act as mother bear.

They do three way calls with their sponsor or upline, even sideline associates. They choose three way calls instead of failure. Their success rate goes up. Success brings success and they work with and teach the people they sponsor and duplicate the process.

What is your choice?
Three way or fadaway.

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