Residual Income will last beyond your lifetime.

Residual income can last for generations.

Residual income, in short, is an income that continues long after the initial work is done. You can pass it forward to your children and their children.

Some people do not know what residual income is. It is not taught in school as the focus there is in getting a job. There are two types of income, Residual and Linear. Linear is when you do a job you get paid and when the job ends so does the pay. For example you could be a mechanic and you fix a car and you get paid. If you want more money you have to fix more cars. You could be a doctor and deliver a baby and you get paid. If you want more money you have to deliver more babies. You could be a salesperson and sell a product or service and you will get paid. However, if you want more money you have to sell again. Residual income is when you do something right one time but you get paid for life.

Health is your greatest wealth. Investigate the health and wellness businesses below to create  residual income.

Don’t laugh at “pills, potions and lotions.” They are BIG business.

Over the last decade, sales of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional and herbal supplements have surged and many new companies have entered the nutritional supplement industry. Even pharmaceutical companies have realized the market potential and are selling supplements.

People consume these products month after month and create residual income.

Globally, the market is now valued at 82 BILLION dollars with roughly 28% of that in the U.S. where sales increased by approximately 6 BILLION dollars.

Between 2007 and 2012, growth remained strong and has through 2017.  Between 5 and 6 % a year both globally and in the U.S. (This was a 2013 prediction that came true and the continued reports show continuing growth.

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Yes, this company and its building has a solid foundation. 

The management of this company believes in working together to help people enjoy healthy and rewarding lives. They want you to feel good about being involved with a company where you can experience personal success and help others succeed at the same time and achieve financial FREEDOM.

Recognized on the Global 100 list by Direct Selling News, This company has dedicated more than 17 years to researching and developing Certified patented products that provide valuable immune system support.

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I want a solid company that will endure time How about You?

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Having built downlines of thousands and also, having been a top earner at high pin levels in a number of companies only to have them shut down and cut off my checks because of going bankrupt, merging or closing I wanted to end the disappointments. That cut off my residual income.

Never wanting to have to start over again, I wanted a company that was going to endure time.

Not wanting to gamble on picking a winner of a new startup when over 90% of them fail I wanted a company that had demonstrated stability.

A trusted friend introduced me to one of the few companies that had achieved the Billion dollar mark in six years. Giants such as Amazon, Google, YouTube, facebook and Apple are among those that achieved this high dollar level within six years. It took Microsoft over eight years to reach the Billion dollar mark.

After doing intensive research I found that when a company hits a Billion dollars in annual sales their longevity is assured. This assures lasting residual income.

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It was totally unheard of for a direct sales company to hit this pinnacle of success until this company broke the barrier.

Not wanting to gamble on picking a winner with a new startup when over 90% of them fail I wanted a company that had demonstrated stability.

Jeunesse management says, “We are bringing people together under the simple idea that everyone deserves a chance to live a youthful, healthy life and discover financial freedom.”

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These are the headquarters of a well established company.

Notice I showed you t two companies with large headquarters. This means they are in business and have trained support staffs to help you succeed.

 Jeunesse owners say, “We are bringing people together under the simple idea that everyone deserves a chance to live a youthful, healthy life and discover financial freedom.”

Why did I join two companies?

I work with people worldwide. Although each company has great health, wellness, skin care and personal care products, they are not available in all countries. With these two companies I can offer great products and deliver to most any country and people can pay and get paid with seamless pay plans.

Here are the tools to help your business and the businesses of others that are satisfied with theirs.

You may be making money in your primary business but remember, not everyone is open to another business and is ready to join yours. They are satisfied with their own business. However, you can offer these people the tools they need to expand their business.

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This can provide you with another stream of income and is a perfect way to help your downline duplicate your landing and capture pages and autoresponder messages.

Back in the days of the gold miners, few made money panning for gold. The people who got rich were the people and companies that sold the gold miners the tools and supplies…the pans, the shovels, the pics, etc. Levi  made a fortune selling “britches.” You have heard of Levi Jeans.


This company is in the business of helping businesses build their business.

Don’t look like thousands of others that are using the same web site their company gave them.

Stand out and attract people to your business with personalized capture and landing pages .

Let personalized autoresponders send messages to your prospects compelling them to join your business.

Offer this system to others and add income while you build your prospect list and keep them in your contact manager.

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Below is a list of the business building tools.

Webinar Builder

Landing Page Builder

Mobile Site Builder

Contact Manager

Autoresponder Builder

Email Broadcaster.

SMS Text Broadcaster

OR Code Builder

Invoice Tool

Blogging Platform

Link rotator

Tiny Url System

Generic Marketing Videos

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